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"You of all people should know that referrals are a great source of business. In your case, it should be easy Ė enthusiasm and personality are something that canít be fudged. You either have it or you havenít and you have both in abundance!!"

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Keep your Fork is an inspiring and practical marketing and training consultancy that helps you develop the opportunities you don’t have the time or expertise for in your business.

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Are you after more clients? Developing new services for them? Selling them more? Building your personal or business brand with the media? Impressing funders, donors or stakeholders? Well you’re in the right place- Keep your Fork can do all this and more... Who says so? Our customers!

Sarah Blackwell, Director of Archimedes Training
Faye is enthusiastic, motivated and inspirational in her design and drive to get things done, she has provided insight and knowledge in a competitive world; there is nothing she can’t get done and no one she does not know!

Here's what our clients say about Keep Your Fork!

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Training? We love it! Faye first started training in retail over twenty years ago as a manager with Debenhams, from youth trainees to senior staff- then at Meadowhall where she trained thousands of people all over the country in confidence and customer service excellence. Several awards later, her particular brand of fun, inspiring and interactive training has been featured on all four major TV channels and in the national press and radio. Faye is also a regular on Radio Sheffield.

From board room to back room, start ups to staying afloat, Faye can help you and your team with getting on and getting ahead. Email her now...

Jane Chapman- Director, True Colours Image Consultancy
Faye is a pleasure to work with - relaxed, positive, ready to listen, insightful, and obviously on top of her field. She was incredibly helpful and always ready to go the extra mile. I only wish that I had her gifts for writing copy and coming up with cost-effective, creative solutions to marketing problems! A big thank you for all you have done.

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