About Us

Keep Your Fork: because the best is yet to come!

Keep Your Fork is a PR and marketing training consultancy led by Founder and Managing Director, Faye Smith. We deliver results-focused solutions to develop your business in all areas of marketing, public relations, communication and customer service. 

When you are asked to keep your fork at the end of a meal, it means the best is yet to come! That’s what Keep your Fork believes in. When you invite us to help you develop your opportunities through our marketing or training solutions, we want you to know that whatever’s gone before…the best is yet to come.

Over nine years Keep Your Fork has carefully created a business which delivers huge value to clients through:

Relationships: We genuinely care about what matters to our customers and the clients they are looking to attract. Faye, Jamie and Jo have spent over thirty years each building relationships with local, regional and national media. We work alongside key media professionals, supporting them with fast action on case studies and exclusives, which means they are always willing to take notice of our clients.

Reach: Our Fork Folk have built these relationships with a huge variety of media contacts. Jamie works extensively with radio and TV, national business press, broadsheets and journals. Faye specialises in national women’s glossy magazines, weeklies, tabloids and supplements and constantly monitors the daily stream of journalist requests on social media, brokering clients. As an ex journalist of 30 years, Jo is superbly networked with the local and regional press and business publications.

Results: Last year, almost every one of our clients had a staggering 100% success rate in seeing their stories reach the media- the industry average is about 50%. Many of our clients’ stories ended up getting picked up by other publications too, such as the nationals, radio and even TV. A massive double or triple win for clients with terrific stories. We are consistently on your side, looking out for you, promoting you, scanning social media for you and seeking out opportunities to help you attract more of your most profitable clients. Always.

Reputation: We all live or die by it. And of course, you should always ask our clients first. Our business has been built by recommendation of the hundreds of clients, mentees and delegates who have come to us over the years. Many send us contacts, friends, even family to work with. They will all tell you no-one will work harder to get you further.

Keep Your Fork is at heart a ‘social purpose’ company. This means we always consider social and environmental issues in our decision making, instead of relying solely on profit-maximizing goals. Basically our aim is to do well by doing good in the region. That’s why you can always find us working with both leading commercial businesses and the marginalised and vulnerable through the charities and good causes we support. Our values are at the heart of all we do, and Fork Folk are carefully chosen to reflect these values in what we do and how we do it.


  • Innovation – speed and responsiveness is vital in our industry to keep our clients in the media spotlight and Keep your Fork at the forefront of new marketing techniques. Our team are fast, dynamic, reliable and always willing to go the extra mile to communicate your business success.
  • Partnership – when we say we’ll do something, we mean it. We know you trust us to represent you and work as an extension of your in-house team, never with more than one client per industry niche to achieve the best results.
  • Integrity – our clients put a lot of trust in us and often share personal details about their story. We are transparent, approachable and handle your image in a sensitive and caring manner, to ensure the media show you in your best light.

Meet our Fork Folk

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