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12 December 2017

The four mistakes your team wish you wouldn’t make as their leader

Tina Hodges is Keep Your Fork’s Leadership Coach and DISC Profiler. Here she outlines the four mistakes your team wish you wouldn’t make as their leader.

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6 December 2017

How to get your press releases into newspapers and on websites

So you want to know how to make your story attractive to the media, make it stand out from the crowd and make news, feature and business editors sit up and take notice. But what do website and print journalists want? And how can you maximise your chances of getting their attention?

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29 November 2017

11 sure-fire ways to maximise your Awards success

Some all-important tips on how to maximise your success in this busy award season and generate a return on investment that will hold value and truly motivate your teams to achieve more year on year

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22 November 2017

The three unmissable ways to create a product funnel and passive income

Gail Powell is our Fork Associate specialist on book publishing and product creation. Here she shares her invaluable expertise in the second-part of her series on creating passive income for your business.

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14 November 2017

How to decide if you want national media attention and six ways to get it if you do…

Penistone-based Keep Your Fork Associate Michelle Rawlins is a leading national freelance journalist, with over 20 years’ experience. Michelle’s impeccable contacts across radio, press and TV have resulted in Fork clients being placed across the national media. Michelle shares how you can decide if you want national media attention and six ways to get it if you do...

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8 November 2017

Six tips for successfully using film in your business

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of commercial production or considering employing film marketing for your business, here are our top 6 points to avoid for the smoothest possible ride from storyboard to distribution.

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19 October 2017

Five essential tips for maximising the power of your CV to raise your personal profile

Even if you’re not thinking about switching jobs any time soon, an up-to-date CV is a must-have addition to your business toolkit. An effective CV is an invaluable resource in providing evidence of expertise to secure media opportunities, business panel selection, non-executive roles, industry body positions and more.

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17 October 2017

Marketing – what comes first the brochure or the plan?

“I need a brochure…” How many marketing professionals, particularly in B2B marketing roles have heard that line? Or more recently – “I need social media…” It can then be a difficult conversation with the sales team or managing director when you ask why and try to make them understand that whatever they need should be part of a wider plan.

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11 October 2017

10 proven tactics to improve your business Facebook page engagement

SO YOU WANT TO START A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR YOUR BUSINESS? The Keep Your Fork team can help you to ensure you get the maximum results for your time and here are 10 Facebook Tactics you can use today to increase your Facebook Page engagement.

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4 October 2017

The Product Funnel - It begins with writing a business book!

How to grow your credibility, client-base, and bank balance as a Solopreneur.

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