Catherine Scott

Catherine Scott, JournalistCatherine Scott, KYF Journalist

Catherine is a highly experienced journalist whose work has appeared in local, regional and national newspapers, magazines and online. With more than 25 years in the newspapers business she has experience in a wide range of areas from hard news to celebrity interviews and latterly specialising in health, lifestyle and human interest features. She is as comfortable interviewing a politician as she is a popstar - and has done both on many an occasion. As well as a passion for writing, Catherine is also experienced at editing and commissioning copy and has an ability to spot the story and angle and get it across to a diverse audience in an interesting and engaging manner via a variety of media platforms, quickly and efficiently but with heart. A natural communicator she realises the importance of being a good listener and knows the questions to ask to get the best of people. Working to deadlines is second nature and Catherine is used to working under pressure to deliver accurate and appealing copy.

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