Our Current Charities

City Hearts

City Hearts was founded with the aim to help and support vulnerable women who wish to be free of life controlling issues such as addiction and eating disorders, or survivors of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime and one of the largest sources of income for organised crime, and it’s happening to men, women and children in the UK. City Hearts link with the Police, Home Office and Salvation Army to care for each survivor, helping them begin the journey to overcome their trauma and equipping them with the practical tools to live independently. Survivors are shown respect and love as they start to rebuild their lives.

Find out more at City Hearts.

Golddigger Trust

We all remember how tough it is being a teenager, but through our work in education training school leavers how to market themselves, we have seen for ourselves the unprecedented pressure today’s teens face. From the airbrushed perfection presented in the media to cyber bullying and sexting, no wonder self-harm, anxiety and depression is at record levels. Fortunately, we came across the brilliant award-winning team at Golddigger Trust, a charity working with thousands of young people around issues of self-esteem and sexual exploitation in South Yorkshire and across the UK.

Their team of youth work specialists have developed innovative and creative projects to work with young people, showing them their true value and worth as a unique individual.

Find out more at Golddigger Trust.

Christians Against Poverty 

Many, probably most of us, have been in debt at one time or another, but we can’t imagine debt so bad that it would make us feel like I couldn’t go on.

John Kirkby, charismatic founder of Christians Against poverty has been there. A hugely successful financier with all the trappings, John lost everything: house, wife, financial resources, but has fought back from nothing to bring hope to those similarly trapped in a spiral of debt using all the skills he learned on the “other side of the fence”.

The only company to be twice nominated “Best small UK company to work for”, CAP is one amazing charity with a massive vision, powerful emotional marketing and incredible team based in Bradford.

Find out more at Christians Against Poverty.

Care for the Family

Care for the Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those hurting because of family breakdown or bereavement.

Care for the Family offer a range of resources such as free books and brilliant courses for parenting and bereavement support for those like our founder Faye, who have lost children and been widowed young. They also provide bursary-funded holidays for sole parents at places like the magical Min Y Don Adventure Centre, which Faye loves!

Find out more at Care for the Family.

The Well

Keep Your Fork’s founder Faye is a member of The Well, a Christian community with a café who meet in the former Horizon Methodist Church on Ecclesall Road and have a host of projects serving the local community, especially the marginalised and vulnerable.

Find out more at The Well.

Friends of the Porter Valley & Friends of Ecclesall Woods

We all need friends, and Keep Your Fork are proud members of both these terrific environmental ‘Friends of’ groups who make a big difference in our local area, preserving and enhancing these beautiful areas for local people. Children learn the benefits of interacting with nature and Sheffield’s proud industrial heritage.

Find out more at Friends of the Porter Valley and Friends of Ecclesall Woods.

Keep Your Fork’s associates also have their own preferred charities and causes which they support individually.

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