Crisis Management

Great public relations aren’t just about getting what you want in the headlines. If there’s something you don’t want broadcasting to the public - or worse still, the press already know about it and want your comment - it’s vital you know what to do, or who to call.

You may only have a brief amount of time to take control of the situation.

Say the wrong thing and you’re in even hotter water. Say nothing at all, or that all-too familiar phrase ‘no comment’, and you’re likely to be digging your own grave.

To understand how to handle the press, you need to think like a journalist, or better still have one on your team...

Keep Your Fork Senior Associate, Jo Davison, understands the way the press work from the inside out. She has been a newspaper journalist for over 35 years and is an award-winning writer, a former women’s editor and business editor, and her expertise will get you through.

Jo and the Keep Your Fork team are on hand to respond instantly whenever a crisis looms.

Contact us for more information on or call 0114 3490 499.

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