Customer Surveys

Continuous development of your business requires insight and understanding. Independent research can provide you with a solid foundation to underpin your strategy.

An independent customer survey through KYF will provide valuable insights to assist with your business development strategy, uncover new opportunities (from existing and lapsed customers), reveal customers' and lapsed customers' perceptions and generate statistics and testimonials.

Your customers will appreciate that you are investing in independent research and value their opinion; they will provide more nuanced feedback to an independent 3rd party working on your behalf but supporting your own relationship-building.

We can offer independent customer surveys by phone – securing detailed feedback; online; face to face; or a combination. Whatever you choose, the survey will lead to the production of a report (on a question by question, and on a respondent by respondent, basis) outlining comments, feedback, customer experiences, preferences, assumptions and reasons for choosing and using (or not using) your services. 

This will include stats, data, testimonials, and recommendations.

These insights we uncover can really assist your business development strategy. Often an independent survey like this uncovers new opportunities (from existing and lapsed customers); it will also reveal customers' and lapsed customers' perceptions and experiences; and provide super statistics and testimonials for you.

Whether you need to understand more about your customers’ or stakeholders’ needs; analyse your market or measure your social impact; Keep Your Fork can help you to design an appropriate research programme, deliver it for you, and assist you with interpretation and analysis. Clients have used our Senior Associate Jamie Veitch's research to win contracts, secure partnerships, develop their businesses and social enterprises, and understand their strengths and weaknesses.


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