Digital Marketing

It’s evolving every day, it’s widely misunderstood, and it’s all too often monitored using the wrong measurements. We’re talking, of course, about digital marketing. If you’re running a business or a social enterprise, you need to understand how best to engage with your ideal customers through digital, whether that is email, social media or through your website. However, it’s all too easy to get lost in the possibilities. Keep Your Fork can help you prioritise, giving you a tailored grounding in the digital marketing essentials for your business and a structured plan to follow. Whether you’re looking for savvy, relevant content, or technical set-up support, we can help!

Keep Your Fork are professional, knowledgeable and generous. Jamie has been a huge asset to our organisation and provided the guidance we needed to get off the ground. If you get the opportunity to work with Jamie don't miss it. Sam Matthews, Twin Café


For potential customers searching to learn about your business, your LinkedIn profile is the very first thing that many will choose to read about you. Is it really fit for purpose? Keep Your Fork can work with you to ensure your profile is up-to-date and engaging, to attract valuable connections and to start meaningful business exchanges.

We have helped clients from start-ups to international businesses improve their presence on LinkedIn and understand how to use this professional networking site to benefit their businesses.

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