Digital Marketing

In today's digital age it is almost impossible to do business without using the internet. With over 63 million active internet users in the UK we cannot ignore the opportunities that this offers to our businesses in terms of marketing and PR. Our partners at Zeun Digital have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to help you navigate the world of digital marketing and optimise online tools to manage and grow your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

For clients who are able to manage your website, social media, content and relationship marketing in-house we can offer a helping hand to keep you on track. Our associates review your analytics and monitor your industry online and then provide an invaluable report to help you understand what is and isn't working. This is all supported with a monthly or quarterly meeting with one of our associate digital marketing consultants to help you continually refine your strategy.


Whether it's a brochure style site to showcase your services or a customised e-commerce solution we can help you to develop and present a professional online presence. With mobile responsive design, exceptional content writing services and a programme of ongoing support and enhancement our web development associates are there to help.

Social Media

Your social media accounts should be kept up to date and active as they are a real time representation of your brand. When a potential customer checks you out online are they finding you have no presence on the popular search engines, or accounts that have not been updated for weeks or months? If you need help getting back on track by developing quality social media content to increase numbers and – crucially- engagement with your followers, we can support you, train you  or even manage the whole process on a daily basis.

Search Engine Optimisation

Being visible online is increasingly important as the use of search engines to find information, products and services continues to grow. Getting ahead of your competitors for your key search terms and phrases can be a big task and needs expert attentions to your on page optimisation as well as external links in to your site. Our SEO associates at Zeun Digital can help with one off optimisation tasks or longer term activities can campaigns to boost your rankings.

Email Marketing

Keep in touch with current and prospective customers by sending regular email campaigns to maximise sales, retain engagement and increase repeat business. Our associate graphic designers can creative attractive branded email templates and our expert content writers can help create the perfect message for your target audience.

Content Planning

Our digital marketing specialists can do all the research on your marketing calendar, creating an online version your team can access daily for inspiration and planning. It’s working very well for many of our clients who find it such a time saver with half price set up (£25) in January and one payment of a six-month contract at £198 or £35 a month by direct debit.

As part of our essential monthly marketing package, we provide our customers with a calendar of marketing dates, observances, awareness days and celebrations across a wide range of industries. In order to do this, we maintain a large list of all of these dates, carefully identifying those which are relevant to each of our customers’ businesses to provide them with a customised calendar that they can use to help them plan their online and offline marketing strategies.

Whether or not you choose our full retainer service, you can still have a calendar designed specifically for your business. We start with a 30-minute call to gather the facts we need and then we start selecting your dates and populating your calendar for 12 months. As we provide most of the information and research up front, there is a setup cost but often awareness days are announced around 2 to 3 months before the event, so we continue to maintain and update your calendar throughout your subscription.

To find out more about the benefits of a marketing calendar contact us on or call 0114 3490 499.

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