Gail Powell

Gail Powell, Publishing Expert

Gail Powell is the Keep Your Fork publishing expert.

She is the founder of ‘Solopreneur Publishing’ and the ‘Oodlebooks’ author marketing website; a writer, editor, publisher, and book marketing specialist - with over 25 years’ experience. When asked what she does Gail simply says she is just ‘everything books!’ Through her assisted self-publishing programmes, she has enabled many would-be authors to fulfil their dream of creating professionally published books - what many marketers call the best calling card for personal branding and increasing sales.  Gail has published every genre - from young adult fiction to memoirs, to self-helps books. If you have a book in you and want help to create it into a reality, then Gail is your ‘go-to’ person. Of course, it’s not enough to write and publish your book you then need to grow a fan base and sell copies, perhaps the most challenging part of any author achieving the success they seek. That’s where Gail comes in.

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