Public Workshops

A series of practical masterclasses to help your business define and communicate your key points of difference and achieve your goals.

If you’re the owner or a director of an already established business trading for at least a year, and want to work with clients who appreciate the expertise and value you can give them, this programme is built for you. These intimate, interactive and highly practical workshops are each for a maximum of 10 delegates so please SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW.


Media Interview Skills

25th October • Full day workshop • Jo Davison and Jamie Veitch

Investment: £195+VAT per person

Whether it’s coping with nerves in a live broadcast interview or dealing with a hostile journalist – if you’re well prepared and you understand the needs of the media, you’re much more likely to
get your message across clearly.
This full day workshop covers skills for giving effective interviews and getting your message across in a range of media, including TV and radio.

Whether for news coverage or in-depth features, the broadcast, press, print and online media and their varied audiences require an appropriate approach.

You’ll also learn how to establish and maintain your key message; creating a set of talking points to support it; how to deal with different types of questions and keep calm under pressure; increasing your confidence when talking to the media.

We’ll analyse some radio and TV interviews – looking at what went wrong and what went well. And you’ll enjoy live interview practice exercises and roleplays. Click here to secure your place


Building relationships and your reputation online

1st November • Half day workshop • Jessica Zeun

Investment: £125+VAT per person (early bird rate, expires 17:00, 20th October, then £175+VAT)

Social Media is not just Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and having profiles on a few networks is the norm for most businesses. But do your efforts actually generate leads and sales for your business? Find out how to create engaging, entertaining, informative and shareable content (including on your blog or website news section and in your social media posts) that will help you build brand awareness and develop better client links. Click here to secure your place


Engaging journalists so that they come to you

15th November • Half day workshop • Faye Smith and Jamie Veitch

Investment: £175+VAT per person (early bird rate, expires 17:00, 3rd November, then £225+VAT)

In an unprecedented time of change for the media, journalists are stretched like never before – and you’re competing for their attention with hundreds or even thousands of other stories.

Why bother trying to secure media coverage anyway?

How do you attract the attention of the journalists you want to cover you?

What do lots of businesses do that is guaranteed to annoy the media, and get your business blacklisted?

And what are the key drivers of change in the media in 2017-18, which – if you know about them – mean you’ll be able to pitch and position your stories completely differently to your competitors’?

If you own or run a business - or are responsible for communication - and want to secure the media coverage your business deserves, this workshop is for you.
It also includes practical pitching exercises and our formula for pitching success. Click here to secure your place


SEO is not a Dark Art!

22nd November • Half day workshop • Jessica Zeun

Investment: £125+VAT per person (early bird rate, expires 17:00, 10th November, then £175+VAT)

Learn some of the tricks of the trade, pick up tips on things you can do yourself quickly and easily to improve the performance of your site in the search engines.
Including backlinks, choosing keywords and optimising your content not just for bots but for the real people who visit your website. Click here to secure your place


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