Rachel Ferla

Rachel Ferla, Productivity Coach at Organise Chaos

Rachel Ferla, Productivity Coach at Organise ChaosProductivity trainer and Certified Evernote Consultant, Rachel Ferla is Keep Your Fork’s customer relationship management and IT systems specialist.  With a background in project and programme management, Rachel has more than 18 years experience delivering efficiency, technology and business change projects with entrepreneurs and across both public and private sectors.

Clients typically work with Rachel because they feel like they are having to work harder and faster just to keep up and want to step off that treadmill. Rachel helps people reduce their stress by becoming both more selective and more productive, getting the right things done at the right time. This could be setting up workflow systems to automate and streamline paperwork or setting up and maintaining Evernote for your business. Simply, Rachel helps people to Organise Chaos.

Email office@keepyourfork.co.uk for more information.

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