Social Media Coaching

Why SOCIAL MEDIA Coaching is great for building your business & confidence

Making the decision that your business needs a social media presence is the easy part. Getting to grips with using the various platforms takes time, and along the way there are many mistakes to be made – mistakes that can cost your business credibility and reputation!

There is no point in wasting your valuable time getting nowhere fast with your social media marketing – I will share the secrets of my success with you. I have helped my coaching clients to use Social Media better. They have:

  • Generated £1,000’s of sales from new clients
  • Reached an audience beyond any traditional advertising within budget
  • Linked to market sectors they previously could not reach
  • Targeted a whole new market segment
  • Developed a brilliant, cool and authoritative profile on Social Media

... and the best part... IT DIDN’T COST THEM A PENNY!

How you can achieve this for your business too? Book either a workshop or a 1:1 Training session (in person or via Skype) with KYF associate Karen Perkins & you can learn the secrets to generating leads and sales in just 30 minutes per day! Don’t lose these opportunities by getting it wrong – use social media properly and start seeing the benefits immediately.


The below aspects are some the items that will be touched on through using this service:

  • How to create a great Social Media profile that your prospects will want to read – and learn what turns them off on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress !
  • The language and etiquette of Social Media – be a winner not a sinner
  • How to find the right people to follow
  • The mistakes that businesses make on Social Media which can cost them their reputation and how to avoid making these mistakes yourself
  • I will concentrate on how to build solid relationships which will increase your sales
  • Motivational tips for successful tweeting & posting
  • How to avoid needing to spend all day online to get results - I’ll share with you my ‘top time management tricks’ for achieving success in the least amount of time (without automation)
  • How I achieved media coverage of a coachees website around the world and how your business can too!
  • How to find prospects that are looking to buy from you NOW
  • Social Media tools – I’ll demonstrate some Social Media tools which will help widen your exposure and enhance your results
  • Social Media apps for mobiles – Using Social Media on websites is a different experience to using mobile apps. I’ll briefly run through how to use Social Media, Hoot suite and apps for smart phones so you can make the best choice for you

Karen  gave some brilliant advice on how to make the most of Twitter as a free tool to help raise awareness of our work and build our profile. The tricks and tips she taught us have helped us make our Twitter profile so much more engaging and we have gained plenty of new followers as a result.

To find out more about the benefits of Social Media Coaching with the help of Karen Perkins, contact us on or call 0114 3490 499.

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