Tina Hodges

Tina Hodges, Leadership Coach and DISC ProfilerTina Hodges, Leadership Coach and DISC Profiler

Tina is Keep Your Fork’s Leadership Coach and DISC Profiler. She is an award-winning international speaker, trainer and executive leadership coach dedicated to helping people lead themselves and others in a spirit of excellence.

From improving relationships (professional and personal) to raising productivity, Tina's flexible and invaluable work reflects the motto of her not-for-profit organisation: Loving People To Life, Strengthening Teams To Serve, and Releasing Potential To Grow. Her extensive experience has equipped her with wisdom and insights to help people transform their own lives, teams and businesses, not just manage life's mess.

As a Founding Member of John Maxwell's Global Leadership Team and Advanced Human Behaviour Consultant, Tina uses her knowledge and keen observational skills to enable people to develop their unique strengths and reach their potential, so they can pursue their life's passion more effectively.

Tina offers custom Personality Profiles based on DISC analyses which take the guesswork out of interacting with others. This personality assessment and report reveals your personality style and helps to guide you to connect with others in a much better way. Tina uses a distinctly positive approach to offer insights in areas such as communication, de-cision-making, motivational tips, leadership skills and strategies on how to handle difficult relationships. Doing the DISC assessment with Tina can help you understand yourself and the way you work, helping you connect effectively with others and get more out of your team.

In 2015, Tina won the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Life Coach of the Year Award. In 2016, Tina was an Honouree at the Athena International Awards and was congratulated on her inspirational, value-driven leadership within her profession and her work with communities to achieve their leadership potential. 

Email office@keepyourfork.co.uk for more information.

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